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Thoughts Kit for Kids- Author: Ana M Gomez

When using EMDR therapy with children, two of the greatest challenges for clinicians are assisting children in identifying the negative and positive cognitions as well as obtaining the validity of the positive cognition (VoC). The Thoughts Kit for Kids is designed to aid clinicians in following EMDR therapy procedural steps and protocols.

The Thoughts Kit for Kids consists of four sets of cards. Two sets are for young children and the other two for young adolescents. Each set contains child-appropriate positive and negative cognitions along with a VOC scale with which children can play and interact. In addition, The Thought Kit for Kids contains a 16- page booklet with specific EMDR therapy games and protocols than can be used with the cards.

The Thoughts Kit for Kids can help clinicians by:

  • Helping children develop cognitive and emotional awareness and literacy.
  • Making the process of identifying negative and positive cognitions easier for children during EMDR treatment.
  • Facilitating the use of the VOC scale for children.
  • Assisting youngsters in selecting potential targets for EMDR therapy.

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Dark, Bad Day...Go Away: A book for children about trauma and EMDR Therapy- Second Edition

Dark, Bad Day...Go Away is the first hard cover, illustrated book for children that motivates, prepares and guides children to use EMDR therapy. It is now available in Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese. 

Dark, Bad Day...Go Away is a storybook for EMDR trained clinicians that:

  • Explains trauma and EMDR therapy in terms children (and adults) can understand.
  • Motivates children to embrace trauma using EMDR therapy.
  • Prepares children for EMDR trauma reprocessing so the likelihood of children ending EMDR therapy prematurely is reduced.
  • Makes EMDR therapy accessible to children by showing what EMDR therapy is, how it works, and how it can be helpful.

The second edition of the Dark, Bad Day..Go Away has changes such as:

  • The inclusion of the butterfly hug and the EMDR puppet team.
  • Text changes that convey the notion of intergation and the "brain sorting things out" during EMDR processing.
  • REM sleep cycle.