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EMDR Child & Complex Trauma Specialist Intensive program Level II

EMDR Child & Complex Trauma Specialist (Level 2) Intensive Program:
June 25-29, 2018
POINTE HILTON SQUAW PEAK RESORT Address: 7677 North 16th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85020, USA
8 hours of online training
32 hours of intensive-retreat training
8 hours of advanced consultation within the training (last day of the training)
A total of 40 CEUs (EMDRIA CEUs)
Cost: $1850 (Includes training materials, 8 hours of online training, 40 hours of intensive training, all breakfasts and lunches)
1.    In the EMDR child & complex trauma specialist level 2 intensive program you will receive 8 hours of online training where you will learn in depth case conceptualization with complex trauma cases using the AIP (Adaptive Information processing) model, Internal Family Systems (IFS), the structural dissociation theory and other models that address dissociation in children. An in depth coverage and review of the latest literature and research on dissociation in children will be provided.   
2.    Following these 8 hours, you will attend an intensive-week long training in Phoenix, AZ in an intimate setting where you can learn advance skills with children with attachment wounds and dissociative tendencies. The number of participants is limited so each clinician can receive individualized feedback during the practice sessions.
3.    This level is for advanced clinicians that have attended the EMDR-Child Specialist Intensive program Level I.  A thorough hands on approach is used, as Ana Gomez will walk participants through the eight phases of EMDR therapy with children with complex clinical presentations and dissociative tendencies. 
4.    Clinicians will learn how to work with the various levels of dissociation as well as with structural dissociation.
5.    Clinicians will learn to use advanced strategies with children with early, chronic and developmental trauma. How to work with children with avoidant, anxious and disorganized strategies will be thoroughly covered.
6.    Clinicians will learn to use strategies to deal with mechanisms of adaptation and trauma related phobias.   
7.    A typology of interweaves will be presented that include interweaves that assist children in:
v Modulating arousal
v Maintaining dual awareness and a mindful presence
v Challenging procedural memory
v Recalibrating the nervous system
v Challenging the window of tolerance
v Maintaining safety while embracing exploration, and risk
v Meeting unmet attachment needs
v Nurturing the younger self and the inner family
v Utilizing resources during traumatic moments
v Changing the orienting response
v Completing truncated defenses
v Executing new and restoring empowering actions that could not be performed during the traumatic event
v Reclaiming dissociated, repressed and dismissed cognitive, affective and somatic material and reconnecting to the mind, the heart and the body in fresh and novel ways.
8.    Clinician will be able to utilize strategies to identify parts, resource parts and process memories of trauma with parts and children with structural dissociation. 
9.    Ana Gomez will provide 8 hours of advanced consultation and case presentations  the last day of the training.  You will receive a certificate stating that you completed the  EMDR child and complex trauma specialist level 2 intensive training given by the AGATE Institute. 
10.    Once you complete the program, you will be in our website as a referral source.